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PP material

The protective film made of PP is the first to appear on the market, the chemical name is polypropylene, it does not have any adsorption capacity, and it is generally adhered with glue.

protective film

The protective film can be divided into digital product protective film, car protective film, household protective film, food preservation protective film, etc.

PET material

PET material protective film is one of the most common protective stickers on the market. These three-layer PET protective films are used in mobile phones and tablet computers. The chemical name is polyester film. The characteristics are that the texture is relatively hard and scratch-resistant, and it will not turn yellow and oily like PVC materials for a long time. However, the protective film of PET generally relies on electrostatic adsorption, which is easier to foam and fall off, but that is...

Production principle and material classification of protective film

Production principle of protective film At present, with the popularization of digital products such as mobile phones in China, protective film has gradually become a general term for screen protective film. What is the production principle of protective film? 1. Principle of protective film adhesive (glue) The protective film is a viscoelastic polymer film: its adhesive layer can be in close contact with the surface of the adherend and flow into the substrate as much as possible. sticky surface...

Our stainless steel high mucosal quality is stable

中山市金久源保护膜有限公司研发的不锈钢自粘膜质量稳定,客户普遍反馈好用,我司在不锈钢冲压和拉伸的应用上更有信心,在暖炉和抽油烟机之类的家电市场打开了一片新天地。The quality of the stainless steel self-adhesive film developed by Zhongshan Jinjiuyuan Protective Film Co., Ltd. is stable, and customers generally report that it is easy to use. A new world.

Self-adhesive temporary surface protection film material classification

Jinjiuyuan provides surface protection solutions for manufacturers of uncoated metals, plastics and decorative panels to provide easy-to-apply surface protection solutions to comprehensively protect the surface of customers' products. At the same time, it reduces the non-quality cost of customers and improves the brand image of customers' products. The biggest function of the protective film is to prevent the surface of the protected substrate from being damaged during transportation, assembly, or processing...
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